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Made a video


Hey there, that was really cool with the video review! It helps a lot with feedback.

I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the various bugs, that camera thing still needs looking into haha

Updates will be made that change the mechanics quite a bit, so i hope you'll enjoy that as well!

P.s. i guess we forgot to mention the hero mode in game haha, space bar when energy bar is full will activate it.

Happy you enjoyed the video and that it helped give some useful feedback.

Will the updates expand the game at all or just change the way the character plays?

I remember seeing the hero mode on the itch page but forgot about it when actually playing the game.


We will be expanding the game into a mini story. It's planned for about 5 levels and bosses. The mechanics for the player will change as far as how attacking works, since this was a pretty rough broken prototype. haha
The time frame is in the air at the moment though. Though I can tell you we've just finished overhauling the attack system.

The prototype was still a good starting point even if a little broken so looking forward to what you can do with expanding upon it. Plus it was fun so more of it would be even better so take your time and make something you will be proud of. Also whenever you finish the game we would love to play it so feel free to contact us when the time comes because we don't know if we might forget by the time it comes out.

Fun mechanic, nice art, cool music. 
It's unfair that enemies can spawn under me, because there's no way for me to prevent that. You could add an indication on the ground that something is going to happen there, or have them not spawn too close to you.

Indeed, thank you for the suggestion! :)

Cute game, reminds me of Terraria slime. The controls are really easy to use, simple and fun!  


Thanks for the feedback! Hope you will look forward to the updates as well :D

Great work, l like the graphics, and the scanlines for retro effect.  Also enjoyed the ability absorbing mechanic, really fun gameplay.  Will play again and hope it gets updated.  Only feedback for improvement is maybe having a full screen that fills the screen rather than it being 1/4 and to the side, a crossair for the mouse cursor, and maybe some small HUD icons for the skills you collect and their skill level

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback! We are definitely looking to update :D

Cool I've added it to my Collection, look forward to it :)