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Holy crap, this is a fun idea. I had a satisfied grin on my face every time I deployed a gaggle of blocky vikings around my ship and watched them go. There's an awesome game hiding in here. PLEASE keep working on it!

Thanks! I enjoyed this feeling, too (That's where the grow theme comes to my head).  Maybe i should post a gif of it so people get the idea?

And with more support, I would love to expand this idea to a full version. :)

I think a GIF showing that would be a great way to get across what the game's about.

I'd love to get involved if you want to develop the idea further. I can start spreading the game around and get my friends to have a go (several of them have an interest in game design themselves). I also make music and sound effects, and would love to help with that too as and when you need it, but that would of course be up to you.

My flat mate also liked the idea and is a software/games developer herself, and has also offered additional coding help if it's wanted.

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Hey,it's been a long time. I finnaly have time to reflect on my old works. So if you are still interested, let's talk about it? My DiscordValia#1576

Brilliant, I'd love to. I've sent you an add request on Discord. I'm currently visiting family, so I'm afraid I won't be online quite as often as usual, but I'll be around when I can.

not sure if this is a bug or just my keyboard but i can't turn the ship

cool little game, would love to see this fully fledged with giant ship battles and trading

Thank you! For turning the ship, press and hold A and D should work.