A downloadable game for Windows

You're the most high-technology household appliance in the 1930s.
You're the Mr. Handy for thousands of housewives.
You're the Eating Machine!
Now it's time to show the investors your true value.

A \ D :Rotate the first rig.
J \ L :Rotate the second rig.
Space :Grab the food.

You can read the screenshot for more detailed controls ans description.

The Eating Machine is a physic game with silent film aesthetics. The whole idea was inspired by Charlie Chaplin's film "Modern Times".

Hope you have fun :D


The Eating Machine_Win_JamVersion.rar 17 MB


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That was a fun little entry. :) The black-and-white pictures in combination with the eating animation were fun to look at, the fictional machine was a cute absurde thingy and the whole QWOP gameplay made it challenging. :D That's why I wrote a little article about your game and also uploaded a gameplay video of it. :) Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Gald you like it! And thanks for the support. :D